1. What is the fire shelter made from?

It is made up of dense concrete with a special purpose high tech walls to provide maximum thermal barrier tested as per AS 1530.8.2-2007 Standard. The fire doors are 2 hour rated and tested as per AS1530.

2. What kind of testing has it gone through and what were the results?

The shelter is accredited by Building Regulatory Advisory Committee (BRAC) after three  fire tests as per AS 1530.8.2-2007 Standard and designed in compliance to Private Bushfire Shelter Standard 2010.

3. What will one of these fire shelters cost to buy (including delivery and set up)?

Please contact us for details.

4. How long will it take to build one?

Please contact us for details.

5. Are they delivered fully constructed to the site?

It will be delivered reconstructed on the site using 18 ton truck and then assembled within four hours at the site.

6. How far from a building (house or out buildings) does it have to be?

The Private Bushfire Shelter Standard 2010 recommendations are followed by the authorised FCP installation team.

7. What building codes/standards did it pass?

It is fire tested as per AS 1530.8.2-2007 and Building Regulatory Advisory Committee (BRAC) accredited in 2014.

8. Is this the only above ground fire shelter approved by building regulators available in Australia?

Yes and also the only shelter accredited after Private Bushfire Shelter Standard 2010 was established.

9. Where do I purchase one of these shelters from?

Please contact us for a quotation.

10. Where can they see an example of the shelter after launch ceremony at Swinburne ?

Please contact us to obtain a viewing of the shelter