Project History

Victoria’s ‘Black Saturday’ on 7 February 2009 resulted in 173 fatalities, numerous injuries, trauma cases, destroying of 3500 buildings and burning more than 450,000 hectares area in 40 townships. In response to its tragic consequences, Victorian Manufacturers and Suppliers collaborated to form a consortium funded by Victorian Science Agenda. The Swinburne University of Technology and Victorian Centre of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing established collaboration with Frankston Concrete products, Pyropanel Australia Pty Ltd, Diver Consolidated Products and Exova Warrington Pty Ltd   for developing this shelter. In 2013-2014  the “Researchers in Business” was funded to Swinburne researchers to commercialise this product with rigorous fire tests as per AS1530.8.2-2007, for the BRAC accreditation.